Reading of the Year 2020

Awo ni Orunmila EjiOgbe Ifa Oma

Adifafun Ilé Àjé bá wá


January 1st, 2020



There are many who wonder why there are multiple readings of the year around the world. If you look online, you’ll find MANY different readings of the year from temples in every part of the world. The key is, they all have merit for those people of that specific temple. Ifa is not Catholicism. We do not have a Pope i.e. a single ruler for the faith. And to be honest, that is a great thing because this world has 7 Billion people (and growing) There are too many variables, too many destinies, and too many energies to have a single set of hands dictate what will happen for the entire world. Ifa has mandated that I pull an annual reading for all who are under the protection of my Ifa. This gives you all better guidance for those energies of the world that will directly affect you.



  • Primary Odu (Odu Tojale): Otura Osa (aka Otura Sa)

  • 1st Witness: Ogbè Şẹ̀ (pronounced Og-bay-Shay)

  • 2nd Witness: Irete Ogbè (Irete-Ntelu)



  •  Ire Ariku Jale Tesi (The blessing of overcoming Death. The blessing of being provided the time to overcome even the worst negativities.)

  •  Elese Orunmila (Orunmila provides this blessing)



Governing Orisha = Obatala

  • Obatala brings financial success, progress, elevation, support, victory, leadership and general wellbeing. Obatala demands adherence to prohibitions i.e. clean living.

Supporting Orisha = Oya

  • Oya with her children (Egungun) brings success, leadership, victory, protection, sanctuary comradeship and direction.

Other Influential Spiritual Entities

  • Ifa – for prosperity, fortune, success, victory, direction and accomplishments.

  • Ori – for fulfillment of destiny, elevation, success, self-actualization and contentment.

  • Esu – for guidance, victory, direction and success, elevation and leadership

  • Oshun – for childbearing, child childrearing, compatible spouse and peace of mind

  • Sango – for success, victory, guidance, protection, leadership, progress, sanctuary, elevation, and general wellbeing

  • Ogun – for victory, progress, elevation, leadership and success



Odu Tojale: Otura Osa

  • Ifa says there will be significant global turmoil this year. Otura Sa speaks of a whirlwind which spreads turmoil and affects families directly. The key here is that if we keep our head, focus on development and protect ourselves and our loved ones spiritually, the storm will pass and we’ll survive and even prosper.

  • Ifa says that we must focus on spiritual development. It’s important for us to recognize our spiritual guardians (Egbe) and ensure that we understand and venerate those spiritual beings who support us.

  • Ifa warns of abiku, which is the phenomenon of our dying before our time. In particular this year we must ensure that children are protected. There is danger of premature death for children and for those whose parents are still alive. (Abiku is the phenomenon where someone dies while their parent is still alive. Though this is mostly associated with children, there is Abiku Agba, where an adult dies while their parent is older.) For the Yoruba, there is nothing worse than a parent having to bury their own child.

  • Ifa warns that those who are pregnant this year must make ebo to ensure safe delivery.

  • Ifa warns everyone that sexual partners may appear healthy and too beautiful to have faults, but there is always the risk of sexually transmitted disease. Beware of beauty hiding sickness.

  • Ifa warns of false accusation by those for whom you’ve done good deeds.

  • Ifa warns of betrayal from a close associate, friend or relative.

  • Ifa says that if one’s fortunes have gone down then make ebbo with Aje. Aje brings prosperity.

  • Ifa says that blessings come as if by miracle. Do not lose hope on situations that seem hopeless.

  • Ifa prescribes head rogations for those who lose direction of their path. Currently many of you may feel confused about your future. Rogations provide clarity.

  • Ifa says that monetary gain is coming this year, but there’s a high possibility of it being used to promote and support the desires of others. Focus on your own destiny.

  • Ifa says that this year will start with difficulty, but it is destined to end well. We cannot lose faith or hope.

  • Parents need to be fair and patient in the scolding of children. Overreaction will make them scatter, where they can physically or emotionally run away from you.

  • Ifa says, when you are put in charge of people or given a responsibility, be sure to not fall back onto bad habits or you will lose all.


Odu 1st Witness: Ogbè Şẹ̀

  • Success is available to all this year, but to achieve it one must make sacrifice and be prepared to face challenges that come with the success throughout the year. The pluma de Loro (Red tail feather of the African Grey Parrot) is a great tool to repel negative energies from others. You can pin it in your hair, or hat.

  • Related to children, it’s important to know what they are doing regardless of age. In this sign, a favored son is imprisoned.

  • Ifa warns against willful terminations of pregnancy. It creates misfortune for the mother, and all involved in the process.

  • fa says that for the departed souls who have not received proper burial / funerary rites, become a problem for the living. Spiritual investigation and cleansings are required.

  • Ifa warns against separation from work, spouse or relationships that create war. Try to be amicable.


Odu 2nd Witness: Irete Ogbè

  • Character is like the coconut. You don’t know whether a person’s character is good or bad until you open it up. Don’t trust based on words or looks alone. Actions prove character.

  • Ceremony and initiation blesses. Ceremony is one of the few instances that can mend a broken destiny. It is the highest action that can be taken in one’s destiny.

  •  This year we must be careful of what we ingest. It is best to eat like Obatala, meaning high salt and high sugar intake is forbidden. Those who already have diabetes and high blood pressure are even more at risk of issues related to these prohibitions.

  • Women in particular need to be careful of being exploited be it for sex or money. Make a man prove his worth before instilling his trust. Remember that the many with many partners has the higher risk of having hidden disease.

  • Ifa can make life sweeter than honey for those who believe and show their faith.



Orunmila asks for service and for all who believe in him to listen to the prescriptions of this year.

 Ingredients for the ebo of the year

  • Rooster, Turtle, Rum, Eggs, Piece of worn clothing.


Ori Inu (Head/Mind/Destiny)

  • Kofi b’Ori Eleda (Head Rogation) with Obi Agbon (coconut), Ori (Cocoa Butter), and the fundamental ingredients that strengthen one’s Ori.

  • For those whose odus demand regular rogations, receive Ori Ode.



  • Receive teja eggun to elevate your spirituality.



  • Narcotics and any mind-altering drugs not meant to treat diagnosed mental illness.

  • Excessive Alcohol

  • Excessive Salt

  • Excessive Sweets

  • Promiscuity

  • Obsessive negative thoughts. Think positive, even when attacked. Don’t allow your enemies to corrupt your own thoughts.

  • Underestimating others creates lost opportunities.

  • Red and Black clothing instigates negative energies. It’s best to wear as much white as possible!



Purple Flag with White Square in Middle





Stay Blessed and Make Sacrifice!

- Baba John EjiOgbe

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