The King is dead, Long live the King

In reflection of the death of Chadwick Boseman, I realize that the fictional characters we hold dear are more important than actual characters in our lives. This is not delusion. This is acknowledgement that our fiction captures our aspiration, our highest desires. And only in rare moments will reality be able to truly match these goals.

So the man who plays the role of a Black King with superpowers based in advanced science and African spirituality, T’challa of Wakanda, is indeed of great importance for our social and cultural history.

Now what would Ifa say here? Well Ifa would say that with aspirations towards greatness, we must be willing to accept that the negativities will come. And we must utilize this struggle to fuel our march towards fulfilling our Destiny. Our adversity, in the end, becomes our triumph.

Chadwick Boseman was fighting colon cancer while actively building characters to which his people will aspire for decades to come. The affliction forced him in his personal reality to fight and overcome, much like the characters he portrayed. No wonder the energy of authenticity was so evident. His Ancestors, Ori (Destiny) and Iwa (Character) were actively engaged in providing the energies towards the struggle to fulfill his destiny.

Be not afraid of the negativities of life (“osogbo”) , fore they will come. Treat them and the challenges they bring to your life as a means for you to become a superhero.

Iba Ibayen t’orun Chadwick Boseman. Head home King.

- Baba John

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