Ilé Àjé bá wá

Spiritual Community Guided By Ifa Wisdom

Ibọrú, Ibọje, Ibọşişe

Who we are

Ilé Àjé bá wá is a community of people who seek spiritual development and guidance through the teachings of Ifà, the Orishas, and our ancestral spiritual traditions. That which guides us all and provides the framework of our practice are the words of Ifa. Ifa is the witness of the destiny of all people. And through Ifa divination, and the practice of the beliefs of our own ancestors, members of community fulfill their destinies to their fullest.

Who we serve

Ilé Àjé bá wá is a diverse community of people. Under the tenets of Ifa, we service all races, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations and genders.


How we can help you